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For coaches and athletic trainers

The Body Positive is available to partner with your team to prevent eating disorders and poor body image in your athletes. We see organized sports as a vehicle for young people to develop a positive relationship with their bodies, and as inspiration for excellent self-care. Additionally, participation in sports builds healthy community, strengthens leadership skills, and builds self-esteem. The benefits of organized sports support The Body Positive’s mission to promote healthy body image and excellent self-care in young people. Research has proven that poor body image can lead to eating disorders, compulsive exercise, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, unsafe sexual behaviors, self-harm, and dating violence.

The Body Positive offers simple, practical tools for coaches and athletic trainers that are useful in directing young athletes towards healthy, sustainable participation in sports. We offer our experience preventing eating disorders to help coaches guide their athletes away from risky behaviors that can trigger negative body image and poor self-care.

In working with The Body Positive, you will learn information about important topics related to eating disorders prevention and positive body image in athletes:

  • Three things to avoid in order to reduce the risk of triggering eating disorders
  • Information on the incidence of eating disorders in athletes
  • Tools for promoting positive body image and health behaviors in your athletes that will help prevent eating disorders and body dissatisfaction
  • Information on how to intervene with a team member showing signs of an eating problem
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