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Embody - the book!

Invite author Connie Sobczak to your community to do a reading of Embody. She is available to speak at bookstores, professional and public events, private groups, etc. Audiences love her comfortable style and wise words! Send an email to info@thebodypositive.org to learn more..

Professional Training

Individuals suffering with eating and body image problems are the canaries in the coalmine of a culture that is increasingly out of balance. Combating these issues is strenuous, often difficult work. There is hope! Join The Body Positive's co-founder, Elizabeth Scott, LCSW, for a compelling, experiential two-day training for professionals on May 13-14, 2016, where you will learn to teach the Be Body Positive Model in clinical work or to initiate positive body image campaigns in schools and in the community.

Create a Body Positive campus

In 2015, 93 college and high school students and staff in Washington D.C., Seattle, California, and Florida were trained to help their peers access their full intellectual and emotional potential by overcoming eating and body image problems. If you want to bring The Body Positive's exciting research-based leadership program to your campus, we're now booking trainings for 2016.


Join Embody author Connie Sobczak at her upcoming Be Body Positive workshop in Los Angeles, CA. Click here for more info and registration link. Stay tuned for the summer/fall schedule for Berkeley workshops. This workshop is for people who want to learn how to turn fears into love and "flaws" into beauty!

Lend a hand

The Body Positive is growing fast and needs your help. Your donation will build our scholarship fund for workshops and leadership trainings. Find out the many ways you can help.

Body Positive Parents

Let 2016 be the year to help your family become Body Positive! We are available to speak to your parent group. Learn more.